The Waistcoat


I’m in the process of preparing to leave a place that I’ve been based at for more or less 10 years. I’ve mentioned before that somewhere living within my soul is a tiny little hoarder that I can’t don’t really want to suppress.

Objects and decorative household items such as lamps, photo frames and other bits that tend to create clutter are easier for me to part with when I absolutely have to. Like, when I physically have no suitable space for an item and the sight of it sitting pitifully in the corner of a room begins to slowly grind my nerves like cheese on a grater. Then and only then do I deem it “ok” to say bu-bye.

Then there’s the wardrobe. Clothing holds a very warm place in my soul. Actually, it’s a little more than warm. It’s a place in my soul that’s on the brink of setting off my inner fire alarm. I have to be in a certain mood to throw clothes away. They deserve more than to be thrown into a bag not knowing where they’ll end up. However, I’ve found a way around this and I give my clothes to foundations and charity shops which makes everyone happy and karma is perfectly balanced.

Things are a little more drastic this time because I’m physically moving so I have to suck it up and GET.RID.  Two nights ago while I was carefully analyzing each piece of clothing in my wardrobe and giving myself the usual Q&A that comes with this process (see text below photos), I came across something that I’ve had for possibly 8 years. A classic tailored black waistcoat that really is timeless. It’s that piece that you hold on to because you know you’ll wear it again at some point in your life but you just don’t know when. One of those. So I made a pact with that burning hot part of my soul to incorporate it into one of my up and coming looks. I won’t lie to you, a large part of it was to give my followers style inspiration which is always my aim but another part was to prove to myself that it can be worn again…even if just in a style post…

With the waistcoat as my starting point, I teamed it with my beloved black culottes from Zara which are a staple piece in my wardrobe and wore a sheer, pleated white blouse with silk cuffs beneath the waistcoat. I kept the look monochrome to keep it slightly edgy and cool. I wore my chunky watch over the cuff of my blouse for something a little unusual. When I wear monochrome I feel that I can be more experimental with my make up so I went for quite a dramatic winged eye and a berry coloured lip.

DSC01923DSC01930blog1 DSC01923 (1) DSC01945

Key tips when having a wardrobe clear out:

  • Ask yourself, and answer honestly, if you’ve worn the item in question at all in the past 6 – 8 months. If not, it’s time to say goodbye. To the piece of clothing, not me.
  • Does it still represent your personal style? We all tend to adapt our style over the years so sometimes our older pieces of clothing just aren’t “you” anymore.
  • How does it fit? Size is so important so if something doesn’t fit well anymore there’s no point in holding on to it.
  • Do you have similar pieces in your wardrobe that you wear more? You know, that white blouse that you have around 10 variations of?

Call Me Natasha


I recently launched a new label I’ve been working on with a secret collaborator. It’s called Le Kill and it’s for the woman who aspires to be morph into different characters depending on her next mission; Natasha, Veronica, Reina or Ayako.

Check it out for yourself:

IG: lekill_intl

Today I wore our Natasha oversized blazer with detachable sleeves.






Jump for Gia




A little styling can go a long way. I took the ‘Gia’ jumpsuit from my debut collection and gave it a boost with accessories, big hair and red lips.

The intention of the design of this jumpsuit is very sleek and minimal. I wanted to give it a twist so I added a textured, wool body warmer and added a vintage belt from Saks Fifth Ave, which was an ebay find from years ago! This automatically made it more flattering because it accentuated my waist. It also added a touch of 70’s so I made my hair wavy to enhance the era. I rolled the bottom of the trousers up to give the whole look an edgier feel. My jewelry was kept minimal because the belt is such a statement so I didn’t feel a necklace was necessary, although I did add a wide gold cuff. My bag is one of my favorites because it’s small yet practical. Of course, a red lip adds instant glamour and finished the look off perfectly.

Happy Friday eve everyone xx

A Leopard Can’t Change Its Spots


It’s getting colder here and far from unhappy! As much as I love the sunshine, I’m happy to greet the colder weather. Summers are long in Cyprus so by this time of year I’m eagerly awaiting to throw on some layers.

edit2 edited

My outfit details:

Cape: My own label (

Cricket Sweater: Slazenger (yes, it’s a real cricket sweater!)

Pencil Skirt: My own label (

Boots: Charles & Keith

Bag: Vintage



Rose Water Benefits

The Low Down

I was compelled to add this category to my blog after a recent experience. My mum runs a gift hamper company and has long been searching for some natural, organic personal care products to add to her range. She finally found a company that advertised themselves as “organic” and using “only natural and organic ingredients”. The products arrived, the box was opened and the room was filled with an overwhelmingly fragrant scent. It was at this moment I realized that my mum had been majorly duped. As I turned around each product one by one, I was greeted with a label full of words that were unpronounceable which is usually the first sign that an ingredient shouldn’t be trusted.

I will start featuring homemade skincare remedies on my blog and I will also be researching some popular, chemical ingredients that should be avoided.

So now moving on to this post, I will be explaining to you why I’ve replaced my regular toner with 100% pure rose water. My grandma was raised in a village in the mountains of Cyprus in a time when commercial beauty products weren’t available. She used to tell me that they used rose water for many beauty and even medical purposes so I did some research o this age old natural remedy.

The benefits are extensive and I’ve been using it as a cleanser, removing light eye make-up, and to generally soothe my skin and eyes.


Here are some of the ways that I like to use rose water:

  • Apply chilled rose water to cotton wool and wipe across your face, removing dirt and other impurities which can build up throughout the day. This will be more effective in the evening, at the end of the day.
  • Rose water contains anti-inflammatory properties and is great to be used on puffy or tired eyes. It’s also known to be eliminate dark circles.
  • The scent of rose water can be a great mood healer and can relieve stress. Try using rose oil in a burner.
  • I’ve always had really sensitive skin and it often have redness on my face. Rose water is a great toner and evens out the skin tone.
  • It contains anti-oxidant properties which helps strengthen skin cells as well as regenerate skin tissues.
  • Rose water is also great for eliminating wrinkles and aging lines which can creep up on us! Apply it regularly and you’ll surely see results.

I hope this introductory report on rose water was beneficial. I’ll be featuring more detailed posts on rose water and different ways you can use it for a range of purposes.

The Tailored Trouser


Tailored trousers have long been a staple piece in our wardrobes for years. They’re great for work, formal events and occasions and can be styled in so many different ways. Over the last few years though, we’ve become somewhat more risque as to how we style such a traditionally classic piece. We see some style bloggers wear them with Dr Martens, plimsolls or even trainers.

I’m a great lover of monochrome…give me a black and white ensemble and I’m happy! With a monotone palette you have so much room for accessorizing and styling and it’s always timeless. Today I wore some tailored black trousers from my own line and I styled them with an indie inspired touch. I wore a white knit from Zara which ties at the back (a detail which I love!), my ankle boots from Forever 21 and my wool Trilby form H&M. I was comfortable and versatile which is perfect for my lifestyle!

DSC01270 DSC01272 DSC01273

Lefkara – Vavatisnia


With a busy work schedule last week, I pulled myself away from my laptop and joined a planned road trip to the beautiful Cypriot village of Lefkara and I’m so glad I did!.  First we visited Lefkara which is known for it’s handmade lace which is a fascinating process to watch . It’s a time consuming practice and truly an art to master. Whilst speaking to a shop owner and demonstrating a basic method which she practices (see image below) she told me of a specific technique which can only be done by a 92 year old woman that lives in the village. To learn and master an art is one thing but to practice an art for so long is admirable. Lefkara is also well known for its handmade silverware. I came across a small jewelry shop with the most beautiful rings and other unique pieces.

After my walk through the village of Lefkara, we made our way to the neighboring village of Vavatsinia. Here we lunched at a local taverna in the heart of the village. The owner encouraged us to have meze (small plates of various foods) so that we can sample a range of flavors. We also had some amazing village wine. For desert we were treated to homemade pourekkia which are basically fried pastries filled with sweetened soft cheese infused with cinnamon!

I’ll admit that I often prioritize with work first but after my day of culture I realized that sometimes you need to break away and enjoy what’s around you…it can be truly inspirational.


Traditional lace making in Lefkara

Traditional lace making in Lefkara

A range of hand made lace

A range of hand made lace


Sunlight shining through stained glass in the village church


The view of Lefkara from the church yard

Handmade jewelry

A local jewelry makers workshop

Lace making

A local lady making lace in her front room

Traditional pourekkia served with freshly cut orange slices

Traditional pourekkia served with freshly cut orange slices


Thigh High Threads


41114 411143 411144


In Cyprus, October is a perfect fashion month. Fall is kind of kicking in but the sun is still shining. You can wear shorts with a chunky knit and some ankle boots, or ripped jeans with thigh high boots and a plain tee layered with a shaggy waistcoat (see pics above!). I love this time of year and even more so, I love the way the weather allows me to be experimental. Have a good day all! xx



Fotor01022144332 Fotor0102214441

A few weeks ago on one of my visits to the fabric store, aka my fave place in the world, I came across this gorgeous printed knit. I immediately grabbed it with no idea of what I would do with it. It ended up being transformed in to this poncho which ties up around the waist for a bit more definition. I teamed it with some tailored shorts, also from my label, and some knee high boots with some over the knee socks.